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Digital Transformation and Data Literacy

Digital transformation can seem daunting for people who have no clue how data works. But no need to worry! In this article, Sophia Matveeva explains that there is no necessity to learn how to code, you just need to learn to work with the people who do! The use of data is important for all employees, not only for data scientists and engineers. Often, the technical and non-technical teams have different working styles, making it difficult for them to work together.

Learning about the use of data can have a huge positive impact on your business outcomes. Teaching your employees about the important concepts rather than skills gives them the possibility to clearly define what they really need from IT. This will help to make better decisions faster and improve communication between the teams in your organization.

Our training and transition programs help to guide you through digital transformation. During the program, you involve your team so the outcome of the training is well implemented and you are sure to keep using your knowledge. By involving the entire team, employees get used to different working styles and working with IT.

Use this link to read Matveeva’s article: Coding isn’t a Necessary Leadership Skill – But Digital Literacy is

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