Want the most out of your team, using data?

Then start with Datapact. And become data-driven in 3 modules.

The shortcut
to data-driven teams

The shortest route with the most practical tools

Datapact is a unique program that empowers individuals and teams to become data-driven. Not by relying on a series of external experts, but by intelligently mobilizing their strength.

Employees learn to define what information they need and how they want to use it. This does not happen on its own, but on the basis of a solid program with the right eye-openers, assignments and coaching.

Participants learn about their current level of data-driven maturity, and they gradually build towards a joint approach, clear dashboard specifications, and a data-driven structure and culture.

After finishing Datapact, employees and teams are ready for data-driven performance improvement. And because they create all these improvements themselves – along one path, with the same language – everything sticks much better.

How data-driven is your team?

Take the test, learn how data-driven your team is and discover how to grow further.

PS: The test is also part of Datapact.

Modules for effective data use

Many data projects fail. 70%, it is said. And usually this is not due to technology, but due to too little understanding between users and IT. With Datapact, teams build a solid foundation, because users learn to define what support and information they need, and because they specify this in such a way that IT can immediately act. This is realized in three modules:




modules suitable for everyone

directly applicable deliverables


save 80% on costs


satisfaction among participants

Data to the people!
This, you can achieve with Datapact.”

Luc van Wijngaarden, director Datapact

Smart mix of online learning and interactive creation

Datapact is a real change program. But a special one. And this is mainly due to our online platform, which we offer in combination with targeted coaching.

This is how it works: after registering, you get 24/7 access to our platform and you go through a series of inspiring videos, tutorials, workshops and self-tests. You will also be challenged to organize workshops, and you will be supported by one of our Datapact Coaches at regular intervals.

More data-drive with extra care

Our platform also provides management information about progress and satisfaction within Datapact, and about the collected ideas and plans around data-driven decision-making.

With this information, management can monitor the transition and, if necessary, make adjustments. So with our platform, even a data-driven transition is possible.

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